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What are the Precautions for the Safe Use of the Fishball Making Machine?

Mar. 20, 2021

The meatball machine adopts a continuous output meatball system with high production efficiency. It is equipped with knives and shapers of different calibers, which can be replaced at will according to user requirements. It can make all kinds of refreshing, tough and elastic meatballs. The meatball forming machine is small in size, light in weight, low in noise, beautiful, durable, easy to operate and maintain, and save electricity. The meat (fish) balls produced are of good quality, smooth in appearance, good in roundness, and uniform in size. 

Fishball Making Machine

Fishball Making Machine

How to use the meatball machine:

1. The meatball machine should be placed in a balanced place, connected to the power supply and the ground wire, and ensure that an is complete.

2. This machine must be cleaned before use. This machine is a kind of working mode of supporting machinery. First, the meat must be stirred into a meat slurry with a beater (or chopper), and then put into the forming machine for processing.

3. There is a meat volume adjustment switch on the right side of the barrel, which can be used to adjust the roundness of the meatballs (when the meat volume is too much, the meatballs will become longer, if the meat volume is too small, the meatballs will become flat. If it is too small, the machine will not work normally).

4. Place a large basin under the meatballs, and then fill it with warm water or directly use the thermoforming tank.

5. This machine is equipped with three sets of large, medium and small die heads that can be exchanged. The method is to remove the die head and the sliding plate on the bottom plate at the same time.

6. Put the mixed meat slurry into the meat bucket, and then start the machine. After the machine is turned on, put the processed meatballs into the meat bucket (not forming meatballs).

7. After the meatballs are processed, the push rod, meat bucket, bottom plate and copper plate must be taken out, cleaned and dried.

8. After using for a period of time, check whether the inner spring of the machine is available. If there is no elastic force, replace it with a new one.

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