Corporate Mission

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Corporate Mission

To promote the development of Chinese food machinery industry and serve the global food processing enterprises with Chinese intellectual quality.

Corporate vision

To become a world-class provider of food deep processing machinery solutions, and constantly produce healthy, delicious, safe and nutritious high-quality food.

Corporate vision

To innovate products for users, create platforms for employees, establish standards for the industry, and create value for society

Corporate operation philosophy

01 Customer-oriented

02 Professional

03 Quality First

04 Dare to Be First

05 Service with Heart

06 Steady and Sustainable

1.Customer-oriented, tailor-made, solve different problems of food processing enterprises

2.Professional ambition, new and innovative, technical standards for innovative food processing industry

3.Quality first, quality first, ensuring efficient operation of each production equipment

4.Dare to be the first, the core breakthrough, expand the scientific and technological functions of food processing equipment

5.Attentive service, integrity and timely response to the needs of customers around the service

6.Steady and sustainable, win-win future, and achieve common development with users all over the world

Business management philosophy

01 Respect for Talents

02 People-oriented

03 Pursuit of Efficiency

04 Excellence

05 Shared Development

1.Respect the talents, gather together, and give full play to the professional directors of all talents

2.People-oriented, standardized management, and optimal allocation of new and old talents

3.Pursue efficiency, unity and cooperation, and achieve efficient achievement of common goals

4.Excellence, ingenuity, and create quality products that users trust

5.Sharing development, one glory, sharing multiple dividends for corporate development

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Employee guidelines

Responsibility: Every employee has his or her own duties and people do their best.

Integrity: Sincerely fellowship and commitment

Self-improvement: Every employee is self-reliant and self-reliant

Unity: All members have the same goal and unity

Grateful: The mind is full of positive energy, often grateful

Sharing: Information exchange and close cooperation

Breakthrough: All employees of the company face difficulties and dare to challenge

Grow: Keeping the profession beyond self and realizing your dreams