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What are the 3 Key Points in the Daily Maintenance of the Fish Ball Machine?

Apr. 08, 2021

Does it require maintenance like other machines in daily use? And will it be troublesome to maintain? 

Commercial Meatball Machine

Commercial Meatball Machine

Let’s take a look at the maintenance methods and main points of the fishball machine:

First of all, the fishball machine does not need to be refueled for maintenance within one year of normal use.

The second point is that when we maintain the fishball machine, we use butter as the type of lubricant.

The third point, when we add butter, we must also align the position of the fuel hole. The position of the fuel hole of the fish ball machine is behind the two bolt holes on the top of the fuselage. Here again, I remind you to remember to add butter, not ordinary liquid motor oil, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the fish ball.

Maintenance articles:

Under normal circumstances, the fish ball machine does not require special maintenance and maintenance. The place to pay attention is to remember to waterproof and protect the power cord during daily use. And in daily use, remember to disassemble it after using the fishball machine, and reinstall it after the residue. The blade is a relatively easy to damage part, we need to replace it after using it for a period of time.

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