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Do you Know the Development of Meatballs?

Apr. 20, 2021

As a Cookie Making Machine Manufacturers, share with you.

Meatballs are a traditional cuisine in my country since ancient times. There are many types of meatballs. From the raw materials used, there are pork balls, beef balls, fish balls, vegetable balls, tofu balls, lion heads, from the processing technology Said, there are solid meatballs and heart-filled meatballs, and the bread has fillings in the heart-filled meatballs. In ancient times, people made various kinds of meatballs by artificially beating and stirring. After the meat was beaten into mud, it was mixed with starch and seasonings and then beaten continuously into a meat slurry. Most of them are cumbersome and inefficient, with low productivity. If a person works like this all year round, it is easy to cause strain on the shoulder and elbow muscles. After the meat slurry is beaten and stirred, take a spoon in one hand and prepare a pot of warm water at the same time. Squeeze the meat slurry from the palm of the palm, and then use the spoon to put the meatballs in warm water to shape. After the surface is shaped, fish them out and cook them in boiling water. From such a process, we can find that manual operation is still very cumbersome, which gave birth to the birth of meatball machinery.

Automatic Encrusting Machine

Automatic Encrusting Machine

It is recorded that the meatball originated in the Tang and Song dynasties. Like the southerners, it was used to avoid wars. In order to make it easier to carry and process, it was a must-have dish on important festivals and Chinese New Year banquets. Although the origin of meatballs is early, the automatic equipment for meatball processing has gradually developed in modern times, and has now developed into a certain scale industry. Meatball equipment began to rise in the Chaoshan area of Guangdong in the 1980s, and fishball equipment emerged in Fuzhou, Fujian. With the passage of time, Jiangxi has gradually developed the prosperous meatball equipment, comprehensively taking the advantages of Guangdong and Fujian equipment to manufacture It is more in line with the meatball machine for nationwide processing.

Meatball processing equipment has gradually replaced manual work in modern times. From mincing fresh meat, using a meat grinder to mince into granules, and then use a high-speed meatball machine or a slow-speed refrigerating beater to beat the meat slurry and beat the meat slurry. Pork balls, Chaoshan beef balls, Fuzhou fish balls, etc. can be processed. After the meat slurry is made, manual digging spoons are no longer used. Instead, machines are used to automatically shape meatballs. The processed meatballs are also round and the machine processing technology is also keep improving.

The advancement of science and technology is always beyond people's imagination. The production of meatballs by hand has become a thing of the past, and the mass production and processing of meatballs by machinery can better meet the fast pace of people nowadays. In which direction will the meatball opportunity go in the future, we don’t know. The future is promising, and everyone can pray together!

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