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What are the Precautions in the Process of Making Puff Pastry?

Nov. 20, 2020

As a Bread Production Line Manufacturer, share with you.

Precautions for the shortbread machine in the process of making shortbread:

Some people often wonder how the shortbread machine makes shortbread. What are the precautions for the shortbread machine in the process of making shortbread? Here, everyone may be at a loss for these problems, because of the high During the operation of the shortbread machine, some relevant precautions must be paid attention to by all of us. So here, the following is a detailed explanation for everyone. The shortbread machine is making shortbread. Matters needing attention in the process.

Puff Pastry Machine

Puff Pastry Machine

How to make a shortbread machine:

Ingredients formula: white flour 5.75 kg, soda noodles 7.5 g rapeseed oil 1.5 kg pepper oil 50 g production method 1. Crisp: use 250 grams of rapeseed oil in a pot to heat, remove from the fire, slowly pour into the white After mixing 750 grams of flour quickly, put it in the pot and set aside.

1. Kneading the noodles: Pour all the remaining white flour into the basin; hydrate the soda noodles with 2.15 kg (60% cold water, 40% boiled water), first pour in 60% alkali water and repeatedly mix the noodles. Pour in 25% warm water, knead it into a hard dough with a shiny surface, then sprinkle the remaining alkaline water in, and squeeze the dough with your fists to make the alkaline water penetrate into the dough. Then move the dough onto the panel and knead it until it is tenacious and stretch it into a long strip. Sprinkle with clear oil, and pick 100 doughs weighing about 65 grams. To prevent adhesion, apply some oil on each dough separately. Roll one by one into a strip of about 12 cm.

2. Cake making: flatten the kneaded strips, then roll them into dough pieces about 5 cm wide with a small rolling pin. Spread 7.5 grams of pastry and sprinkle 0.5 grams of salt and pepper on each piece. Pick up the noodle on the right with your right hand. Pull outwards, and then fold it in three folds. Each fold is about 20 cm long, and then roll it from right to left. When rolling, use your right finger to pull slightly longer, and two fingers of your left hand to support the noodles. Roll the sides into more than 10 layers, then stretch the remaining noodles thinly, spread them with shortbread, and twist them into a snail shape (1 shortbread must be about 4 meters long).

3. Topping: Press the dough into a small round cake with a slightly thinner center and a diameter of about 7 cm. Pour 50 grams of oil in the pan, and place the small round cakes one by one in the pan. The firepower under the pan should be evenly distributed. Scattered around. The firepower on the pan is concentrated in the center of the pan, so that the heart of the shortbread can be lifted and its hair will rise. After about 3 minutes, remove the top pan, pour 50 grams of clear oil on the shortbread, and change the position one by one according to the fire color to prevent burning, and then cover the top pan. After 1 minute, turn the shortbread over and change the position to reach the fire color. Evenly, both sides are crispy and yellow and serve.

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