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What are the Common Problems in the Production of Buns?

Jan. 07, 2021

As a Bread Production Line Manufacturer, share with you.

Buns Machine Production Line

Buns Machine Production Line

1. The buns I made are not soft, and the skin is a bit hard, what's the matter?

The general problem is that the selected bun machine is not suitable or the fermentation is not in place. There are two main ways to shape buns by the bun machine, one is to squeeze the dough, the other is to flatten and roll, the former structure Simple but more damage to the dough, the latter's molding method is similar to the manual principle, there is almost no damage to the dough, but the structure is more complicated and the corresponding cost is relatively high. Another possibility of hard skin is that fermentation is not in place.

2. I used yeast powder, so why didn't the dough rise?

The amount of yeast powder is generally about 1%, that is, 1 gram for 100 grams of flour. Chinese pasta does not need to be weighed, it is only a small spoonful, but the problem of putting more and less is not a big problem. The problem is that many people knead the yeast powder When mixing with water, you add very hot water, that is to say, you burned the yeast alive at the beginning, so how good is it to expect it to ferment your dough? Don’t mix it with water, just add the yeast Put the flour in the flour, mix it with the flour, add water and mix the flour. If you really have no idea what warm water is, then use a thermometer to cool it down. Don’t exceed 40 degrees and it’s ok. If it exceeds 50 degrees, the yeast will die gradually! Some people successfully fermented the dough for the first time, but made the same mistake the second time after making the dough into buns, that is, the water under the steamer is too hot, which will kill the yeast. Raw steamed buns can't be made, and the taste is poor after steaming.

3. What's wrong with the rough skin of the made buns?

After the dough is fermented, the dough will have a lot of pores, so after the first fermentation of the dough, you must remember to press the dough several times with a dough press until the dough is very smooth. This must be patient to eat the perfect bun. There is nothing special about kneading the noodles for the first time, as long as the hands are light, the container is light, and the dough is a little light. The most important thing is that the second time after fermentation is used to produce the buns.

5. Why does the finished bun collapse after opening the lid?

The main problem is that the buns are rolled too loosely during production, and the filling is too little or too little, so there are many gaps in the inside after being rolled, and the buns will naturally collapse; another possibility is after the buns are steamed. Opening the lid immediately will also cause the bun to collapse. It is safer to open the lid after 2 minutes.

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